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Beyond industry norms

How do we deliver breakthrough solutions for our clients? By integrating your website analytics with your transactional data to pinpoint the specific events that drive actual revenue. In the process, we uncover optimization opportunities that other agencies would miss.

How much money are you actually making?

The sales revenue reported by your analytics software rarely matches the money that ends up in your bank account. Returns, fraudulent transactions, and miscellaneous errors can produce discrepancies of up to 30%. If you base your marketing decisions on these inflated numbers, then you will end up over-paying for sub-optimal results.
Resolving any revenue discrepancies is an obvious priority. We begin by checking that your website analytics have been set up correctly and that event-based goals are being tracked accurately. Then we integrate your analytics with your transactional data (which can be accessed directly via an ODBC connection or exported and shared). Having completed this integration, we can calculate any revenue discrepancies and identify the reasons for them.
By integrating your website analytics with your transactional data, we can pinpoint the specific events that impact your customers’ purchase decisions. Even better, we can quantify the precise impact that distinct events have on your sales, abandonments, bounces, and other transactional outcomes. Not only can we show you which events drive (or erode) your revenue, we can also reveal their comparative significance.

Putting analysis into action

Insight without implementation is ignorance. That’s why we are just as passionate about helping our clients take advantage of the previously hidden opportunities that we uncover for them as we are about discovering those opportunities in the first place.
We begin by ensuring that your PPC account is built for scalability. This gives you the flexibility of adjusting your campaign investment at any time so that your budget matches your growth. It also gives you the peace of mind that you won’t require any laborious (and expensive) manual re-structuring later down the line.
From there, we optimize your account for long tail management so that you can fully leverage those click-through rate and cost per click benefits. This includes customizing bidding solutions for you so that you don’t have to worry about managing the complexity of long tail fractional traffic.