SpotHero has been helping busy commuters find and reserve parking quickly, conveniently, and affordably since 2011. Pay per click marketing has been an integral part of their success, but the resulting growth introduced some challenges.

SpotHero’s PPC campaigns are obviously influenced by the parking options that they have available. However, this availability will fluctuate in real time as reservations are processed, making manual PPC adjustments tedious and prone to error. This is exacerbated by the regular addition of new destinations. SpotHero’s growth has also made it harder to track the PPC performance for different parking destinations due to the sheer scale of their “inventory”.

SpotHero’s needs went far beyond custom bid management or account restructuring. If they could have waved a magic wand, they would have conjured up a system that automated their PPC campaigns using their available parking data while linking the performance of those campaigns to specific destinations. Was this even possible? Fortunately, Zenith Interactive specializes in the impossible!

Through our work with SpotHero, we were able to help them:

• Build the automated system that they had only previously dreamed about.
• Increase their reservation volume by 23%.
• Slash their cost per reservation by an incredible 41%.

Here’s how we made the impossible possible …

Step 1: Clarifying priorities

Whenever we work on a new project, we always begin by thoroughly understanding our client’s business and overall priorities. This was particularly important with SpotHero since they obviously aren’t a typical retailer with clearly defined product lines and stock limits.

Only after immersing ourselves in SpotHero’s organization could we fully appreciate the fluid nature of their business. By understanding how that fluidity intersected with their pay per click marketing, we were able to identify a solution. Unsurprisingly, the technology would be a bit more advanced than an Excel spreadsheet!

Step 2: Integrating data

If you have read any of our other case studies, then you will know that data integration is an essential part of the custom solutions that we build. It is only by integrating our clients’ pay per click and backend data that we are able to engineer breakthrough solutions. This is never easy at the best of times, and SpotHero’s unique requirements made it more challenging than normal.

Not only did we need to integrate SpotHero’s PPC and backend data, we also had to account for their destination data. Getting so many unique databases to play together nicely is only possible with very high level coding expertise and would normally take at least half a year to complete. Fortunately, we were able to work our magic in less than two months!

Step 3: Restructuring for automation

Account restructuring is typically the final step in our solution rollout and the emphasis is usually on scalability. This was obviously important for SpotHero as well since their account needed to keep pace with their ever-growing “inventory”. However, there was another priority demanding attention: automation.

SpotHero couldn’t afford to update their account manually every time their destination data changed since it took far too long and was prone to human error. However, by systematically restructuring their account, we were able to accommodate the fluidity of their destination data and automate their pay per click campaigns.

Not only did this automation eliminate a lot of tedious manual work, it also drove SpotHero’s PPC performance through the roof! Reservations surged by 23% while their cost per reservation was slashed by an astonishing 41%.

Lessons from this case study

#1 – Big data can hide breakthrough solutions

“Big data” may be a clichéd buzzword, but we can personally testify to its potential have discovered incredible opportunities hidden in our clients’ vast data pools. SpotHero is a superb example. Can you imagine how growing your sales while halving your cost per acquisition would transform your business?

The challenge, of course, is analyzing all of that data and translating it into something actionable. Analytical expertise is obviously a prerequisite, but technology is equally essential when you are dealing with big data. Immense databases, like SpotHero’s, are impossible to analyze manually. However, with the right technology, you really can make the impossible possible.

#2 – Technology trumps manual labour

The right technology can obliterate suffocating bottlenecks in your business, like manual account management, and dramatically improve your overall profitability (as it did for SpotHero). The wrong technology, on the other hand, can transform an annoying mess into a nightmarish crisis.

The implications are twofold: firstly, you don’t have to endure tedious manual processes since there are probably smarter technological alternatives. Secondly, when you do embrace technology, make sure that you use it for the right purpose. You shouldn’t rely on bid management software as a panacea for everything any more than you should brush your teeth with a buzzsaw.

#3 – Your campaigns are only limited by your imagination

SpotHero is a fantastic example of how business leaders can reach beyond the impossible and grasp the unimaginable. Automating their pay per click campaigns using their available parking data was a huge win, but leveraging that system to halve their cost per reservation exceeded their wildest dreams!

Don’t limit the potential of your PPC by what you believe to be possible. So long as you can imagine it, the technology for engineering it probably exists. If you aren’t sure, then contact us today for a free consultation. We would love to discuss your dreams and the solutions that you can use to achieve them!