Sales Logik has helped companies in a diverse range of industries optimize their marketing spend, and preparing reports that help their clients make sense of their marketing investment is pivotal to their service.

Unfortunately, this reporting process snowballed into an ever-increasing pain point due to the tedium of collecting and integrating performance data from several different platforms manually. It wasn’t unusual for it to end up taking hours – time that could otherwise be spent on creating more value for their clients.

A customized solution was clearly required, but Sales Logik needed one that was both affordable and quick to implement. That immediately ruled out software like Kenshoo (which offers limited customization) or hiring a developer (which would be too expensive). Enter Zenith Interactive!

Through our work with Sales Logik, we were able to help them:

• Cut their reporting time from several hours to virtually zero.
• Overhaul their entire reporting structure to provide much richer insight than before.
• Implement all of this in less than 30 days!

Here’s how we achieved those results …

Identifying bottlenecks

When working with our clients, we always begin with a discovery phase so that we fully understand their business prioritiesthat our customized solutions must support.

Sales Logik’s priority was loud and clear: grow their agency business. However, that necessitated scaling their reporting – something that would be awfully difficult to do given the bottlenecks introduced by all of their manual processes.

The next step was obvious: we took a closer look at those manual processes to better understand the intended outcomes and how they could be delivered more efficiently. That entailed a thorough analysis of Sale Logik’s internal procedures as well as the client interfaces that they obtained some of their data from.

The main opportunity for improvement that emerged from this analysis didn’t come as much of a surprise: Sales Logik needed to automate their reporting urgently!

Automating data collection

Sales Logik relied on a number of manual reporting processes: they logged into several different search engine admin centers, received back-end data from their clients by email, and imported all of this information into a third party platform. All of which was about as much fun as going to the dentist!

Fortunately, there was a smarter alternative: we customized Sales Logik’s systems to automate the collection of their reporting data. All of those tedious, painful hours wasted on manual data capturing were now a thing of the past!

Building a better report

Sales Logik, like many digital marketing agencies, relied on static reports that presented a high level summary of their clients’ marketing investment. These certainly provided some insight, but Sales Logik wanted to take their reporting to a whole new level.

We immediately went to work on overhauling Sales Logik’s entire reporting structure and customizing it as a self-service business intelligence tool. With a single click, their clients could now intelligently segment the performance of their marketing campaigns, drill down to uncover previously unseen trends, and immediately identify opportunities for optimizing their marketing investment.

Lessons from this case study

#1 – Simplify reporting or it won’t get done

We all know how important reporting is, but it tends to be one of those grudge responsibilities that no-one particularly wants to do. This is why it is so important to simplify your reporting: not only will you be freeing up a lot more time for higher priority work, but you will also eliminate the human errors that inevitably accrue when people carry out tasks that they loathe.

Over the years, we have encountered so many situations where reporting errors led to misinformed decisions with disastrous business consequences – particularly when those errors originated from agencies that thought they were presenting their clients with flawless reports!

Simplification is essential, and the best way to achieve it is by embracing intelligent automation.

#2 – Better systems don’t have to cost an arm and a leg!

There are a lot of popular marketing management tools that provide a certain level of customization. However, we often engage with business owners and managers who wish that they could customize their marketing systems further. Unfortunately, they never bother exploring their options because they believe that it will be far too expensive.

To be fair, there are plenty of outrageously expensive options out there, but that doesn’t mean that affordable alternatives don’t exist. Self-service business intelligence tools don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Contact us for a free consultation – we would love to help you get started!