iPromo has been supplying customized USB flash drives since 1999. With a global footprint, phenomenal service, and unmatched quality, they have sold more than 8 million units and established themselves as a preferred supplier to more than half of the Fortune 500 companies in the United States.

iPromo generates leads very successfully with PPC marketing and employs a dedicated team of sales professionals to engage with those prospects, process quotes, and finalize sales. This unique sales funnel has made bid management challenging since their sales closure rates aren’t uniform and it hasn’t been clear whether this has been due to lead quality or the performance of the sales team.

iPromo clearly needed a custom bid management solution, but their bid management software made haphazard adjustments while a top agency promised the world but failed to deliver anything after more than six months. Enter Zenith Interactive!

Through our work with iPromo, we were able to help them:

• Grow their lead volume by 20%.
• Reduce their cost per lead by 20%.
• Achieve all of this within just three months!

Here’s how we pulled this off …

Step 1: Enhancing processes

Our first step with every new client is to immerse ourselves in their organization, understand their pain points, and clarify their business priorities (which can differ dramatically from their PPC priorities!) Unsurprisingly, iPromo wanted to reduce their cost per lead and generate a better return on investment, but the PPC implications were less clear due to gaps in their data structures.

The next step was obvious: enhance iPromo’s data processes, ensure that they collected all of the data that they needed, and resolve their structural gaps. This may seem obvious in hindsight, but when you’re already knee-deep in data it can be difficult to see the woods for the trees.

Step 2: Integrating data

Our clients often assume that superior data analysis drives breakthrough PPC solutions, but even world class analytical expertise will be wasted on poor or incomplete data. We had a complete data set to work with after enhancing iPromo’s data processes, so it was time for our magic!

By integrating iPromo’s PPC and back-end data, we were finally in a position to connect the dots, identify how their PPC drove sales, and pinpoint opportunities for breakthrough improvement. It was essential to complete this data integration in the context of iPromo’s business priorities (leads, quotes, sales, and revenue) instead of relying on generic PPC metrics.

Step 3: Engineering for scale

The integration and subsequent analysis of iPromo’s analysis highlighted a number of significant opportunities for reducing their cost per lead and increasing their return on investment. However, capitalizing on those opportunities was easier said than done. It would necessitate a complete overhaul of their PPC account structure and engineering it for seamless scalability.

Account restructuring is never easy at the best of times, however, the sheer scale and complexity of iPromo’s account presented some unique challenges. Therefore, we decided to transition gradually from their old account to mitigate any risks. While this necessitated a little more patience, the payoff was worth it: a smooth, stress-free migration that yielded more leads at a dramatically lower cost!

Lessons from this case study

#1 – Structure your account correctly

Poor account planning is one of the most common mistakes that we encounter. Too many organizations build their accounts around PPC metrics instead of the business priorities that they actually care about. Structure your account correctly from the very beginning by aligning it to your specific marketing phases. This was particularly important for iPromo given their unique sales funnel.

Restructuring a PPC account is nearly always very tedious and expensive. As your account grows over time, all of that growth will compound any latent flaws. So if you wait until the problems associated with your account structure are impossible to ignore, then you will have a particularly toxic mess on your hands.

#2 – Optimize your entire business model

Here’s a secret that most organizations (and a surprising number of agencies) are not aware of: if you want breakthrough PPC outcomes then you need to optimize your entire business model, not just your PPC! You can’t afford to treat PPC in isolation because it’s not an isolated activity. It is just one link in your internal value chain and true optimization necessitates taking the entire chain into consideration.

For example, PPC is an integral part of iPromo’s sales funnel, but it can’t be neatly separated from the rest of their marketing and sales. Unfortunately, this is exactly what so many organizations (and their agencies) try to do. Ultimately, all they end up doing is creating a disconnect that exacerbates deep seated problems. True optimization means connecting the dots and understanding how PPC impacts your overall business goals.

#3 – Connecting the dots is rarely quick or easy

Analyzing PPC data in the context of an organization’s business priorities is never as straightforward as it sounds. As our work with iPromo highlights, many organizations have data gaps that need to be resolved first, and some companies have yet to clarify their business priorities!

Even if you do have all of the data that you need as well as clear organizational priorities, a systematic analysis is not as simple as flipping a switch. Every organization is unique and you have to customize your analysis accordingly. This is why bid management software can backfire horribly (as it did for iPromo).

Fortunately, world class expertise and customized solutions don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Contact us today for a free consultation – we would love to help you get started!