iCanvasArt has been selling high quality canvas art since 1999 and has delighted more than 100,000 customers in over 95 countries. Pay per click marketing has been an integral part of their growth and is something that they have managed very well internally. However, they had reached a point where they required a dedicated PPC solution.

In fact, iCanvasArt’s marketing as a whole had become increasingly complex as they had grown. So as important as it was to streamline and scale their PPC efforts, there was also an urgent need to make sense of all of their marketing and sales data spread across multiple channels.

Clearly a holistic solution was required, which is why iCanvasArt called us in. With our years of experience, iCanvasArt knew that they could trust us to translate their vast archive of transactional data into actionable marketing priorities while restructuring their PPC account for seamless scalability.

Through our work with iCanvasArt, we were able to help them:

• Increase their click through rate by 20%.
• Grow their order volume by 50%.
• Reduce their cost per conversion by 30%.

Here’s how we achieved those results …

Creating a business intelligence dashboard

The first step that we take when working with any client is to understand their business and what matters to them. This typically involves a combination of questionnaires, interviews, and transactional data analysis.
However, with iCanvasArt, we needed to take this a step further due to the complex evolution of their marketing as their business had grown.

In order to make sense of all their marketing data and not limit ourselves to their PPC efforts, we created a comprehensive business intelligence dashboard. This obviously isn’t necessary for everyone, but it made sense for iCanvasArt since it enabled them to see how all of their digital sales channels were performing at a glance instead of having to hop from one platform to another.

As you can probably imagine, giving an outsider access to your sensitive business information demands plenty of trust. That is why we never rush this step. We make a point of fully immersing ourselves in our clients’ business as a strategic partner instead of treating them like any other provider.

Restructuring for scalability

Having created a business intelligence dashboard, it was time to focus on iCanvasArt’s PPC investment. Reorganizing their pay per click account was essential if they were to scale their campaigns painlessly instead of getting bogged down by increasingly frustrating manual adjustments.

This was a two-step process: first, we aligned their PPC data structures to the insight that we had gained when building their business intelligence dashboard instead of generic marketing metrics. This ensured that their marketing delivered outcomes that they actually cared about (like sales!) Next, we created an account infrastructure that could handle much larger keyword volumes for seamless scalability.

Testing, testing, and more testing!

Like many companies, iCanvasArt used to choose their advertising copy every few months without systematically testing what actually worked. Implementing a more scientific approach was a no-brainer.

After creating an infrastructure for systematic ad copy testing, we got hands-on and ran a series of tests to put the new system through its paces. The final step was the most important: calculating whether those test outcomes were statistically valid and significant.

Thanks to this new system, iCanvasArt could see whether their ad copy was working or not based on numbers that actually mattered instead of guesstimating and hoping for the best.

Remarketing the right messages at the right time

Remarketing can be an incredibly powerful tactic, but iCanvasArt were relying on an overly-simplistic approach by displaying the same remarketing ads to all of their website visitors.

We helped them introduce a more sophisticated remarketing strategy by targeting their visitors with remarketing messages based on their unique website navigation and touch points. Increasingly targeted marketing tends to deliver exponential results, and that certainly proved true for iCanvasArt with incredible improvements to their sales volume (a 50% increase) and cost per conversion (a 30% reduction)!

Lessons from this case study

#1 – Get your account structure right

Account structure is the backbone of any PPC marketing, so make sure that your PPC account is built to scale. Without that seamless scalability, it will become increasingly difficult to make sense of your account data, optimize the performance of your campaigns, and introduce new keywords.

#2 – Testing is essential

It’s so hard to under-state the importance of statistical testing. Without it, you’re basically shooting in the dark since you will never know whether your marketing results are due to chance or by design.

#3 – Remarket intelligently

Many marketers are scrambling to get on the remarketing bandwagon, but their efforts are often embarrassingly crude. Segmentation and targeting underpin the effectiveness of any marketing, and remarketing is no exception. Treating everyone the same is a recipe for mediocrity.