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Sales Logik

Sales Logik needed a more efficient, scalable reporting system to support their growth.

By identifying bottlenecks in their reporting process, automating manual procedures, and customizing their reporting structure as a self-service business intelligence tool, we helped them cut their reporting time to virtually zero and provide their clients with much richer insight – all in less than 30 days!

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iPromo was successfully using PPC to generate leads, but variable sales closure rates were producing bidding inefficiencies. Furthermore, it wasn’t clear whether these variable closure rates were due to PPC lead quality or sales performance.

By enhancing iPromo’s data processes, integrating their PPC and sales data, and engineering their PPC account for scalability, we were able to help them grow their lead volume by 20% while slashing their cost per lead by 20% in just three months!

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SpotHero had used PPC marketing very successfully, but their dramatic growth and unique parking reservation offering was making manual campaign management impossible. Furthermore, it was becoming increasingly difficult to track the PPC performance of specific parking destinations.

By integrating all of SpotHero’s data and enhancing their PPC account, we were able to automate their campaign management, grow their reservation volume by 23%, and slash their cost per reservation by an incredible 41% in less than two months!

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iCanvasArt needed to make sense of their complex marketing data and implement a dedicated PPC solution to support their impressive growth.

By building a business intelligence dashboard, restructuring their PPC account, implementing a systematic ad copy testing system, and introducing a more sophisticated remarketing strategy, we helped them increase their click through rate, grow their order volume, and reduce their cost per conversion.

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