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Marketing that matters

Even with the sophisticated technology that is widely available today, many companies struggle to align their marketing efforts to the business outcomes that they actually care about: sales, revenue, and profitability. Instead, they rely on generic marketing metrics, like cost per lead and click through rates.

This is why Zenith Interactive was formed: to help business leaders invest in marketing that matters – marketing that delivers real, bottom line benefits. With over a decade of pay per click marketing, analytical, and optimization experience, we have been privileged to work with some of the most dynamic brands at the forefront of digital marketing.

Analysis is just the beginning

Many digital marketing agencies rely on analytical insight to create value for their clients, but analytical competence is a threshold requirement: it is necessary for creating value, but insufficient for creating superior value. If you are already familiar with PPC marketing, then you need a partner that can:

  • Outperform analytical norms.
  • Transform data into actionable marketing intelligence.
  • Create cost efficiencies by integrating back-end data systems.
  • Deliver exceptional service, not just exceptional analysis.

This is the difference that we bring to the table, and it is how we help our clients achieve breakthrough solutions instead of incremental improvements.

Building relationship
while building solutions

Amidst all of the technology and data, it can be easy to forget that marketing is about people and relationships. It takes a lot of trust to bring someone into your business and share incredibly sensitive information with them. The last thing that you want is the frustration of wondering what your agency is doing or whether they are making any progress.

This is why build relationships with all of our clients before we customize any solutions for them. We need to understand your business and what you are trying to achieve before we can meaningfully work with your data and marketing processes. Not only does this yield dramatically better business outcomes, it also ensures that you are kept in the loop every step of the way.